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I am Dimitar

I am an architectural designer creating beautiful spaces
that allow people to live, work, and play better. 

I believe that great architecture can signficantly improve the quality of our lives.


Educated and professionally active in the US and the UK, my design approach combines British sensitivity with American pragmatism.

I am inspired everyday by what our cities are and by what they can become. As I cycle through London daily, I vividly imagine how neighborhoods can be transformed by the insertion of new beautiful architecture, through contextually unique responses. 

I'm driven by intuition and by high regard to adressing clients' design briefs. Having worked with some large and highly demanding clients throughout my professional career, I have believe that understanding, evaluating, and building upon the client requirements is a key foundation to creating highly functional and beautiful architecture.

How do we make spaces that provide a sense of unity between man, nature and the environment?

Design Approach

Exploring how the intersection between a sense of place, wellbeing, & technology can produce exceptional environments

Place. What give a project an identity? Is it how the new house, building, or extension is well nestled within the neighbourhood? Or perhaps the way that the morning sun shimmers through the kitchen window? Each location has unique characteristics that should always be thoroughly considered in both practical and in sense-appeal manner.

Wellbeing. The places we occupy have a significant impact on our wellness and productivity. Designing spaces that can cater to our sense of wellbeing can help us feel replenished, and to work and play better, adding significant value to all parties involved design & construction.

Technology, if used appropriately, it is the binding glue that helps deliver beautiful projects. When considered, in relation to place and wellbeing, tech can be utilised as a design tool, as construction and building processes, as IOT in smart homes and offices, as something in between, or as a brand new glue, capable of keeping a rocket to Mars intact on its way there (or your building). 

How do we actively design for harmony between habitants, communities, and technological advancements?

Current work

I am currently leading the following three intitatives


UH Studio

UH Studio is an architectural practice, focusing on Unity and Harmony between people, nature, and technology. 

Learn more.


UH Studio Design Academy

UH Studio Design Academy helps shape the creative leaders of tomorrow through technical and theoretical education in architecture and design.
Learn more.


Wellbeing Design

Wellbeing Design examines current professional and research discourse that focuses on the relationship between architectural design & wellness of end-users.
Learn more.


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