I am a human, living and breathing, like all beings on our spaceship Earth. I am constantly engaging in activities that help me feel that which connects us all. I put love in everything I do – architecture, design, yoga, DJing, music production, percussion, travel, communication, stillness. 

I currently work as a project designer at Adjaye Associates in London, engaging in modern, multi-team collaborative projects. While not working, I play percussion, create music tracks, practice yoga, and cycle everywhere, work on making balanced spaces for living and working, spread open source knowledge,and learn about creative ways to fund new ideas through startup businesses.


A bit more on energetically balancing spaces:


Since the organizational structure of matter elements (including water) is highly affected by vibrating frequencies, humans, made up of matter, are constantly influenced by the vibrations received from the environment.

By fine-tuning existing spaces, and by strategising the vibrational frequency of new spaces, everyday activities – resting, working, relaxing, exercising – become more fruitful.